Address: 45 Cameron Street, Wauchope, NSW 2446

Terms & Conditions of Accommodation Reservation


These Terms and Conditions are set out for the safety and enjoyment of all guests staying at the Star Motel. Failure to adhere to our Terms and Conditions may result in cancellation of your reservation or your eviction from the Premises. Please read them carefully.

These Terms and Conditions are displayed in Reception and in Unit Compendiums.  A separate copy may be obtained on request.

You agree to these Terms and Conditions when you book into the Star Motel and we accept your booking subject to your agreement to these Terms and Conditions

  1. Definitions

    • "Premises" means the whole of the area known as the Star Motel and situated at 45 Cameron St, Wauchope including but not limited to all rooms, general areas and motel facilities.

    • "Star Motel" means the accommodation business owned and operated by BM & GM  Smith Investments Pty Ltd A C N 611 762 693 and situated at 45 Cameron St, Wauchope.

    • "You", "your" means the individual or organisation that makes the reservation for accommodation at the Star Motel whether on line, by telephone, in writing  or in person.

    • "Unit" means the accommodation unit or room leased to You by Star Motel.

    • "your Invitees" means all persons included in your booking and invited onto the Premises by You.

    • "We" , "us" and "our" means Star Motel and its employees and directors.

  2. Payments
    You will pay to Star Motel all payments as invoiced such as accommodation fees prior to or upon arrival.   Any additional costs and charges incurred by You or your Invitees during your stay must be paid prior to your departure. There is a 1.5% surcharge for Mastercard and Visa.  There is a 3% surcharge for American Express and Diners.  In addition to these payments, we require you to provide a credit card pre-authorisation payment of $200 or if you do not have a credit card facility and are paying cash, we require you to pay a $1,000 (one thousand dollar cash bond) on arrival.   The bond is refundable upon departure.

  3. Personal Information
    You consent to Star Motel collecting your personal information from You to meet the requirements of Australian Federal or State legislation regarding the maintenance of a guest register, for fire safety reasons, for accounting and billing purposes and to market our services to You.

    Star Motel promises You that Star Motel will not to make Your personal information available to any third party without your prior consent except where required by law or to enforce Star Motel collection of debts owed by You to Star Motel.  Star Motel further promises not to knowingly permit any misuse of your personal information.  You may request access to your personal information held by Star Motel.  Failure to provide Personal Information may result in Star Motel refusing You entry to the facility.

  4. Unit Inspection
    You are entitled to inspect the Unit prior to checking-in.  Star Motel is under no obligation to refund your deposit if You change your mind.

  5. Check-in
    Check in time is 2.00pm on the date of arrival
    Early check-in is not guaranteed unless You pay for the previous night's accommodation in advance.

  6. Check Out
    Check out time is 10 am unless special arrangements are made.  You will be levied an additional charge of $25 per hour, or part thereof, for a late check out unless arrangements have been made beforehand with management.

  7. Occupancy
    You must ensure that the number of persons staying in your Unit overnight are equal to the number that You have advised Star Motel when making your booking or checking in.  Legal and Fire Safety Regulations require occupancy of the Unit to be carefully monitored.

  8. Bond
    Upon arrival, you will be required to provide credit card security of $200 or, $1,000 (one thousand dollars) cash bond if you do not have a credit card.    In addition to the Bond, you will need to provide photo ID with current address details and confirmation of vehicle registration.  If You pay a cash bond, it will be refunded on departure less any unpaid costs and charges.  You authorise us to charge any costs, fees or charges incurred by You or your Invitees and not paid on departure to your credit card or cash bond.

  9. Smoking
    Smoking is not permitted inside any Units or communal use areas on the Premises. You are responsible for any damage caused to Your Unit or any other Unit as a result of You or your Invitees smoking.  Any smoke damage caused by You or your Invitees to any Unit will result in a $500 cleaning fee being charged.

  10. Additional Fees and Charges
    We will charge You additional costs for any loss or damage to the Unit.   Examples of charges are: unwashed dishes ($30); lost or stolen keys ($20 per replacement key); smoke damage ($500) additional nights’ accommodation if the Unit cannot be relet due to damage caused by You.

  11. Keys
    You are responsible for the return of your key at the time of your departure by either delivering the key to Reception or placing it in the Early Departure Key box located at Reception.  Failure to return your key to Star Motel will result in You incurring additional costs of replacing your key.

  12. Unit Security
    You must ensure that your Unit is locked at all times including on departure.

  13. Refusal of Entry
    We reserve the right to refuse entry to You and your Invitees if you have caused damage or disruption on the Premises or engaged in altercations with other guests of Star Motel.   Persons under the age of 18 will be refused entry to Star Motel unless accompanied by a responsible parent or guardian for the duration of their stay.

  14. No Tenancy Agreement
    You agree that the Premises are commercial premises and not Residential Premises as defined in the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (NSW) and that You have no rights under the Residential Tenancies Act 2010 (NSW).  This applies irrespective of your length of stay in the Premises.

  15. Purpose/Disturbances
    Disruptive or illegal behaviour by You or your Invitees will result in immediate termination of your right to occupy the Unit or attend the Premises.

  16. Quiet Enjoyment
    You promise to respect the rights of all other users of the Premises  to quiet and peaceful enjoyment of the Premises.

  17. Warnings and Termination of Occupancy
    If You or your Invitees receive a warning and You or your Invitees do not comply with the warning, and/ or your right to occupy your Unit is terminated for whatever reason, You and your Invitees must peaceably leave the Premises and if You or your Invitees do not do so, You hereby authorise Star Motel to take whatever action it needs to take to protect the Premises and the other users of the Premises including but not limited to arranging the removal and disposal of your property.

  18. Inspections
    We may inspect your Unit at any time without notice if in our reasonable opinion, there has been or there is likely to be a breach of these Terms and Conditions.

  19. Refunds
    No Refunds will be given except in accordance with our Notice of Cancellation policy.

  20. Pets or animals
    No pets or animals are permitted on the Premises.

  21. Description of the Star Motel
    We endeavour to provide an accurate description of the Premises, Unit and Facilities but Wse accept no responsibility for any description provided by third parties and online booking websites.

  22. Complaints
    We will use our best endeavours to ensure that your stay with us is safe and comfortable but if You have any concerns or we can improve your stay with us in some way, please advise Reception and We  will do what We can to solve the problem.

  23. Your Property
    You agree that it is your responsibility to keep your personal property safe and secure whilst You are on the Premises.  Star Motel accepts no responsibility for the security of your personal property.

  24. Force Majeure
    Star Motel is not in breach of this Agreement and will not have any liability to You whatsoever in respect of your booking if it is prevented from complying with any of its obligations under these Terms and Conditions by reason of Force Majeure. “Force Majeure” means any act, event or circumstance beyond the reasonable control of Star Motel  which has a substantial impact on Star Motel and/or the tourist and/or motel industry in the geographical market in which the Star Motel operates, which act could include, without limitation, casualties, war, rebellion, revolution, blockades, riots, insurrection, strikes, lockouts, labour or industrial problems, civil unrest, embargoes, domestic or international disturbance, acts of terrorism, outbreak of disease, virus, pandemics or epidemics, world and/or regional health threats, loss or substantial reduction in major airline services, governmental actions or delays, fire, hurricanes, earthquakes, storms, floods, other natural catastrophes or severe weather conditions or acts of God, travel or health advisories, orders or recommendations issued by any relevant government authorities or international bodies or agencies, or damage or destruction of the Star Motel.